The Release (Revised) - Andrea Bogdan

The Release (Revised)

12x22x1.5 Acrylic, oil pastel on wood
“The Release – Revised” is a paint-over of a piece originally based on a beautiful Despacho ceremony described to me by Liz Huston. The ritual was intended to dispatch unfulfilled dreams, as performed in Shamanistic tradition in Peru. But I never fully embraced the wisdom of “letting go” in the way the Despacho ceremony intended. The painting showed a literal winged llama fetus swooping in an arch back to earth towards a welcoming cup (like the one you drank milk from as a child). It was an “anti-Despacho”, not fit for spiritual consumption. During a particularly chaotic month of protests, party nominations and terrorist attacks, I painted over the release TWO times. This is the release of “The Release”, unimaginatively titled “The Release, Revised”.

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