Andrea Bogdan - Role Model Disclaimer

Role Model Disclaimer

Role Model Disclaimer – Inventory# 85 – 10×10 inch

I originally named this “Help me not to be afraid” because this little guy is so cute and trusting and vulnerable. But let’s face it, this other taller guy is a little bit insane-looking, possibly completely deranged, and at the least….sort of unstable. So I changed the title to be an apology. The long version of the title is: “I know how much you look up to me, but I’m really not at all capable of helping you not to be afraid because I myself am completely freaked out…so as long as you know that, I’m here to help you through. Whatever it takes.”

This has been painted over and is no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Role Model Disclaimer”

  1. Hi Andrea-

    I’m a new follower and I really love not only your art, but the creative and inspiring names (and the thoughtfulness put into them). I was sad to see “Role Model Disclaimer” had been painted over, and I was wondering if you still had any prints of it available for purchase. I really like it a lot!


    1. Sorry about that. I’ll double check with Andrea but I couldn’t find the original anywhere. We’re doing prints now of most of the paintings, but looks like that one is nowhere to be found.

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