Posing For My Stamp

“Posing for My Stamp” (While I disappear) by Andrea Bogdan – Inv# 151 – 8×10 canvas inside hand-painted wood frame.

I recently read a beautiful short story my friend Jon Measures wrote about his father who has Alzheimer’s. It moved me, and I was deeply troubled to “feel” what it must be like to seemingly lose your identity. This painting was made at the time I had read Jon’s story, and upon completing this piece I couldn’t help but think that it looked like one of those sad profiles on a U.S. Postage Stamp – the ones that the post office periodically does to bring awareness to some disease or another. There are so many diseases to choose from, I suppose there will be endless stamps to make. I wondered about the people who are profiled in these stamps, if they are real people or imagined generic people. Then I wondered about myself having Alzheimer’s and having the awkward honor of being selected to model for THE stamp. And that’s how this painting got it’s name.

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