Past Shows

Andrea Bogdan’s art has been featured in the following shows:

Cactus Gallery Featured Artist, Andrea Bogdan

Sugarmynt Gallery - Visual Dessert Show

Cactus Gallery 13th Anniversary

Feminism 4.0 - A Feminist Perspective

Patterns Art Show - Cactus Gallery

Casa de Los Angeles Wine and Art Show

Cactus Gallery - Glitter Art Show

Pink Pop-Up Art Show - Castelli Art Space

Cactus Gallery day of the dead

La Luz Coaster Show 2017

Gabba Gallery Crate Digger Show

Cactus Gallery Pinocchio Show

Cactus Gallery - The Love You Make - Beatles exhibit

Cactus Gallery - Something Wild In My Garden

Artist Researcher Art Show - USC

Loteria III Cactus Gallery

Laluzapalooza 2017

Casa LA Art Wine Show

La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show 2016

Open Call 2016 - Los Angeles Dept. Cultural Affairs

Cactus Gallery Water Show

Groundswell Art Show by Mat Gleason

Sugarmynt Gallery 1 Year Anniversary

Cactus Gallery Symphony of Wings

Rooted and Rising art show for Downtown Women's Center

Cactus Gallery Beastly Beings

Rabbit Hole Art Show

Stone Malone Gallery - New Blood II

Cactus Gallery Over The Moon Under The Stars

Moda 360 Fashion Art Show

Cactus Gallery Loteria II

LaluzaPalooza Show La Luz Gallery

Create Fixate - I Art You

Dollmination - Hive Gallery Art

Gabba Gallery - Wishlist 3.0

Andrea Bogdan in Pershing Square - Wilhelm Square

Create Fixate - Branching Out Art Show

Cactus Gallery Tiny Treasures X

Sugar Mynt Gallery South Pasadena

The Last Spookstore Art Show

La Luz Gallery - Coaster Show

These Birdy Delights - Cactus Gallery

Andrea Bogdan Art - Loteria

Andrea Bogdan - Love Is Possible Art Show

Andrea Bogdan - Create Fixate - Art With Friends

Andrea Bogdan - Surf & Skate

Andrea Bogdan - Los Angeles Art Association Auction

Andrea Bogdan - Cactus Gallery - Song Of The Birds

Andrea Bogdan - SPARC

Andrea Bogdan - 825 Gallery Cultural Excavation - LAAA

Andrea Bogdan - Cactus Gallery 9th Anniversary

Andrea Bogdan - Create Fixate - I Art You

Andrea Bogdan - Cactus Gallery 9th Anniversary