Past Shows

Andrea Bogdan’s art has been featured in the following shows:

Hive Gallery - California Girls Show

Casa Wine & Art Show 2018

Cactus Gallery "The Revival" show

Welcome To Haddonfield 4, Sugarmynt Gallery

Hive Gallery Los Angeles "Sexy Beast" show

"Remix" Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles

Cactus Gallery Featured Artist, Andrea Bogdan

Sugarmynt Gallery - Visual Dessert Show

Cactus Gallery 13th Anniversary

Feminism 4.0 - A Feminist Perspective

Casa de Los Angeles Wine and Art Show

Pink Pop-Up Art Show - Castelli Art Space

Cactus Gallery day of the dead

La Luz Coaster Show 2017

Gabba Gallery Crate Digger Show

Cactus Gallery - The Love You Make - Beatles exhibit

Artist Researcher Art Show - USC

Loteria III Cactus Gallery

Laluzapalooza 2017

Casa LA Art Wine Show

La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show 2016

Open Call 2016 - Los Angeles Dept. Cultural Affairs

Cactus Gallery Water Show

Groundswell Art Show by Mat Gleason

Sugarmynt Gallery 1 Year Anniversary

Rooted and Rising art show for Downtown Women's Center

Cactus Gallery Beastly Beings

Rabbit Hole Art Show

Stone Malone Gallery - New Blood II

Cactus Gallery Over The Moon Under The Stars

Moda 360 Fashion Art Show

LaluzaPalooza Show La Luz Gallery

Create Fixate - I Art You

Dollmination - Hive Gallery Art

Gabba Gallery - Wishlist 3.0

Andrea Bogdan in Pershing Square - Wilhelm Square

Create Fixate - Branching Out Art Show

Sugar Mynt Gallery South Pasadena

The Last Spookstore Art Show

La Luz Gallery - Coaster Show

These Birdy Delights - Cactus Gallery

Andrea Bogdan - Create Fixate - Art With Friends

Andrea Bogdan - Surf & Skate

Andrea Bogdan - Los Angeles Art Association Auction

Andrea Bogdan - SPARC

Andrea Bogdan - 825 Gallery Cultural Excavation - LAAA