Studio Is Open

Andrea Bogdan Artist's Studio
Andrea Bogdan


Yes, my studio is open to the public.

My doors are open six days a week, except for Wednesday. You’re probably wondering how I get anything done with people walking in and out and asking all kinds of questions. Well, I have 24/7 access to my space, so I can be here all hours and I can play loud music and talk to myself and paint. Or I can make new pages for my website, or do business-y stuff. Yes, that’s right, my art practice is a business. A wonderful, messy business. I even have a uniform, which is almost entirely held together by paint that’s rubbed off whatever I am working on. The picture you clicked was taken by Baha Danesh, a wonderful art curator, photographer and friend. Baha came to my studio during the dark days of 2021 when travel into L.A. was still forbidden. You’ll notice there’s a hand-painted mask around my neck. Haha, I originally made that mask for an online art show with Cactus Gallery LA, but I fell in love with it and kept it. I made a couple of crazy cool masks that year for friends. What a year.