False Heart

This one's called "What a False Heart Doth Know", which is from Shakespeare's MacBeth. I did this piece for a show at the Hive Gallery on Spring Street. When I got my first studio in this building in 2012, the Hive Gallery was the only other place in our neighborhood where you could go and meet a bunch of artists in one place on Art Walk night. Hive Gallery invited me to contribute to a show about witchy women, and so I decided that the wife of Macbeth was significantly witchy enough for persuading her husband to kill the king just so he could be promoted and she could be the queen. That's why this piece is bloody read, and the queen is trying to look all innocent while she holds this knife in her hand. What a bitch.

This was one of the first times in a long time that I painted a face that actually really looks like a face, so I thought it was worth showing. I freestyle everything, its not easy for me to paint to a theme, but it's always satisfying when I pull it off.