My Bags Are Packed - Painting by Andrea Bogdan

My Bags Are Packed

Painting by Andrea Bogdan currently being shown at the Cactus Gallery “Home” online group show. 8x10x1.5 inches. Acrylic on wood.

I struggled for weeks on some idea for a painting about “home” … something….ANYTHING. I thought about food and acceptance, pajamas and books, and windowbox herb gardens, but I mostly thought about the never-ending list of home addresses I’ve had during my lifetime and if that list is supposed to grow and grow until my body turns to dust, or if it’s supposed to end in some sort of grand definition of “home” that I haven’t yet pictured in my mind. So absent that picture, I made a painting about leaving one of my first ever addresses. I’m told by my mom that when I was very small, I announced my intention to run away. So she packed a bag for me and phoned the neighbors so they could return me if I ventured as far as their yard.  For at least five minutes, marching up the street with my little “hat box”, I was completely free. In TOTAL control. The master of my fate. It was an illusion, of course, and my clearest recollection of this event is an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and shame when I learned that the greatest triumph of my short life was entirely orchestrated by my mom. My brother, on the other hand, remembers the story of my great escape as a giant heroic act of courage. And so I decided that’s how I’d like to be remembered when my list of addresses is finished, even if it’s not orchestrated by me.

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