More Than The Sum Of My Hair

“More Than The Sum Of My Hair” by Andrea Bogdan – 12.5″ x 17.5″ x 3/4″ – Inventory# 146 – Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil on reclaimed wood (cabinet door).

This painting has already been SOLD.

This painting was created for the Rooted & Rising Art Show which runs from June 4 to July 10, 2016, in the Spring Arts Gallery. Sales from the show (between 50-100%) will benefit the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), and you can make your purchase through FOLD Gallery located adjacent to the Labyrinth of The Last Bookstore (upstairs) and right down the hall from Spring Arts Gallery.

The inspiration for this piece is based on the motto that “looks aren’t everything”. That becoming an independent, self-sufficient woman over a lifetime takes more than good looks and fabulous hair. So, that might seem pretty obvious to most people, but if you are woman raised in a household that places physical attractiveness above the pursuit of skills and knowledge, you could presumably become a client of the DWC one day. And all evidence says that the DWC does a fine, fine job helping women build job skills and character. -Andrea

Rooted & Rising benefits the Downtown Women’s Center. Featured artists are:
Tami Bahat, Andrea Bogdan, Qathryn Brehm, Kate Carvellas, Marian Crostic, Betsy Enzensberger, Patrick Haemmerlein, Liz Huston, Sandra Klein, Jennifer Korsen, Asandra Lamb, David Lovejoy, Robin McGeough, Miss Mindy, Morley, Susan Osborn, Jena Priebe, Winston Secrest, Aline Smithson, Sarah Stone, Tifanee Taylor, Brandy Trigueros, Dani Vinakurov, Laura Vaipiano and Essi Zimm

2 thoughts on “More Than The Sum Of My Hair”

  1. Andrea, you are my idol! I love this work so much because I saw you painting this at TLB last week and you’ve repurposed that door!! I’m so glad I got to see you, and meet you. Just that brief encounter has made me revisit the notion that I should focus on creating joyfully and spending less time on those things that don’t excite me. Keep up the good work; you are and inspiration!!

    1. I’m so glad your visit had an impact on your creative impulses! That makes me SOOO happy! Thanks for coming down to The Last Bookstore and visiting me in my studio, and for this really awesome note! -Andrea

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