Meet the Artist

Yay! You found my website!

I’ve successfully neglected any serious effort to tell my story on my website for over five years, with the exception of a wonderful photo and rebel quote that Baha Danesh included in We Choose Art and the beautiful video created by Bri Lopez. But actually, they put in all the effort and I simply showed up and answered questions.

This November (2017) will be my 5 1/2 year anniversary of having an art studio. That was the day I took my monthly car payment budget and put it into art space. I quietly celebrated the five-year mark in March by giving away signed prints to people I’ve never met before who told me that my art inspired them. But recently someone asked me with earnest curiosity “What do you want to do?” and it stopped me in my tracks. The answer should be easy, but it’s not, because there are SO many things I want to do!

If you’re a collector and you’re reading this – I love you! Seriously. I have the most interesting, talented and cool collectors of any artist in Los Angeles, and maybe the world. -Andrea