Little Jean-Pierre

Little Jean-Pierre (no English for him) by Andrea Bogdan – This painting has already SOLD.

24x24x1.5 inches – Acrylic on canvas.

This one was painted especially for the Cactus Gallery Sticks and Stone show, which is about lessons we learned at school. It’s about a little French Canadian boy who was new at our grammar school. He spoke French, no English. My best friend Regina made spend time with him on the playground because he had no friends. I hated him. He wouldn’t stop talking, I didn’t know what he was saying, and he would talk and talk and shout to me as if I could understand. Plus, he was much smaller than we were, a really LITTLE kid. But my older, stronger friend insisted we include him. Until I met Jean-Pierre I thought there were only two languages in the world: English and Polish. But there were really three, it turns out: English, Polish and that annoying Jean-Pierre.

I’m sure there are other more important lessons learned here, but those are still sinking in.

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