Joy Pure Joy

“Joy Pure Joy” by Andrea Bogdan – Acrylic, Pencil and Oil Pastel on Wood – 11″ x 23 3/8″ x 1″ – Inventory #129


The following astrological profile of this painting was done with help from my artist and astrologer friend Liz Huston. Based on the story I told her about the character, the colors I used and the motion in the paint, she identified the main astrological signs of the character and helped me meet my creative goals for this series. I’m really happy with this collaboration, and I learned a lot researching these sun, moon and ascendant signs:

Sun in Leo means this one is outwardly cheerful and playful with natural courage and ambition. Moon in Aries means the inner personality is one of enthusiasm and independence with a hankering for a challenge. Taurus Rising is indicative of a determined and willful personality.

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