Follow Me by Andrea Bogdan

First In The Dark

“First In The Dark” by Andrea Bogdan – Inventory# 68 – 16 x 28 1/2 – Acrylic, oil pastel on wood.

I changed the title of this piece which used to be called “Follow Me”. It’s a about a stalker who thinks he is luring his victim, but is actually being stalked now by his victim. Now, I know that sounds sort of creepy and not very happy, and over-complex, but at least it’s sort of about “overcoming” which is a theme I enjoy. And I’m glad that the title does not sound like an overused social media command anymore.

Also, Jeremy from DotRed carries a sign on his tours that says “Follow Me” and this painting has nothing to do with Jeremy (or Jesus, for that matter, as Jeremy has been confused with before on his art tours) so the title just really needed to be changed.

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