Stuff People Ask Me A Lot

My studio is in a very “public” area – the Mezzanine level of the Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles, also known as the Spring Arts Collective. Over the years I’ve answered thousands of questions from visitors, and here are the TOP TEN:

1) Can I buy your art online? Do you deliver or ship?
Yes. DM me via Instagram.com/andreabogdanartist if you see something there that you want – I can easily send you a secure link for payment and hold it for you, or ship it to you. I’ll soon have prints and other items to buy from this site,. First I have to overcome some obstacles caused by the pandemic and my own learning curve with this website.

2) May I come into the studio?
Yes. I’m here to sell my work AND work on my paintings, and it’s really easy for me to stop to help you. All my visitors influence my work by their presence, so it’s a win win for all of us when you come in. 

3) Is this ALL your art?
Yes. I don’t sell anybody else’s work. It’s all mine, mine, mine. Note to artists looking for a gallery: there are two galleries in our hallway who sell lots of cool work from lots of interesting artists, so do check them out when you visit me.

4) How long have you been here?
Since 2012. I don’t know why people ask me this question.

5) How long have you been an artist?
This became my full time job in 2018.

6) How much do you pay for your studio?
This is top secret information. I highly recommend the Spring Arts Tower for any artists looking for a reasonably-priced studio in DTLA. My landlord is awesome.

7) Do you sit around all day and make art?
No. There’s lots of administrative stuff that goes into this work. One day, though, I’ll sell enough art to enough people so that I can hire an assistant, and then I can change this answer to “yes, mostly” – and then I can wistfully recall the times when I used to sit here and stamp logos onto my bags.

8) What’s this style called?
I call it “freestyle”. It’s unconventional, improvised and spontaneous, similar to “abstract expressionism” is, but absent the social commentary of that time.

9) How long does it take you to make a painting?
I have one painting that took 6 years and another that took three days. It just depends. Most artists will tell you there’s a lifetime in every painting, and that’s absolutely true. Either way, there’s certainly an awful lot of laughter, tears, humility and adoration packed in, and you can sort of figure out the math from there.

10) Do you do commissions.
Yes. I essentially paint whatever I want for you, within a general idea or story from your life. If you have something very specific in mind, I can recommend amazing artists who are much better at painting specific things than I am. 

Bonus question:

 Where’s the bathroom?
The bookstore has a restroom downstairs near the children’s literature.