“Dreamer” – Acrylic and Pencil on Wood – 30 1/8″ x 12 11/16″ x 1″ – Inventory #131

SOLD at Cactus Gallery

“Dreamer” (Disappears into Her Own Thought)
30 1/8″ x 12 11/16″ acrylic and pencil on wood, floats 1″ from wall
My artist and astrologer friend Liz Huston identified the Moon and Ascendant for this Pisces “Dreamer” for Cactus Gallery’s “Over the Moon, Under the Stars” show, which is up through May 7, 2016. I researched the rest, and here’s what I found:

Sun in Pisces means this one is outwardly idealistic, creative and self-sacrificing, with a tendency to think with her heart. Moon in Virgo means she is inwardly shy about showing her feelings, and feels underserving of affection. Aquarius Rising is expressed by bohemian, freedom-loving ways and the gift of intuition.

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