Tests, Allies, and Enemies

Custom shoes are now on my website for purchase in the fashion section. This is super exciting for me because I've always done this transaction in person or through Instagram exclusively. I love the idea of free-styling shoes to fit someone's personality. 

So back to what's happening with this site, in context with the fabulous "Hero's Journey" context: this is a test, it is only a test. Nobody dies in the process of updating my site, though sometimes I want to fling my laptop out onto 5th Street because it feels like it takes FOREVER to prep a photo and make a new page. It shouldn't be too long before there is a fabulous art assistant to help me with this.

I've been getting great feedback on my website through advisors in a pretty cool program sponsored by Verizon (email me if you want info about it), and so I'm feeling the gratitude today. Little by little, you'll notice improvements.

This is what happens when you ask for help.

You find allies, and things get better.

There are no enemies to report at this juncture. Except my internet service is really sketchy, but that's because I'm frugal. The reason I don't think I'm TOO frugal is because I still buy fresh raspberries, and those aren't cheap. But maybe I should buy a better internet service. 

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