"Taste the Day" Art T-Shirt, Limited Edition, Sizes: Med, Large, and X-Large

Andrea Bogdan Art Tshirt - Taste the Day
Art Tshirt by Andrea Bogdan - Taste the Day
Andrea Bogdan Art Tshirt autographed

In the spirit of celebrating this adventure we call "life", I started a series of art T-shirts based on dream journal notes. In the same way that cardboard and castoffs are used in art, why not recycle amusing dream remnants into the waking world?  After all, we stay busy while we slumber: we heal, solve problems, consolidate memories... who knows what else. It's still a mystery.

Each tee is numbered and signed on the sleeve by me. For now, I've printed these size M, L, and XL, and if there's demand, I'll do other sizes. Buy online or come into my studio.