All the giclees are museum quality and printed on archival paper (usually cotton rag). At the moment these are all unlimited prints, but in the future I'll start doing limited, numbered editions of specific paintings. If you see a print you like, and if you are wondering if the original is still available, you can contact me at and I'm happy to tell you if it's still in my studio and how much it will cost.

Andrea Bogdan print, In a Particular Way

"In a Particular Way"

Signed Giclee Print 8 x 8 inches


"In a Particular Way" is an 8x8" signed giclee print.

As usual, this work is freestyled, just like almost everything else I paint, so it's surely influenced by visitors to my studio inside The Last Bookstore, which is where I do most of my work. The composition is also a tiny bit influenced by a post that I saw on social media where two people were comparing the skin tones of their hands (one was a particular sort of whitish pink and the other was sort of beige-ish yellow) and it caused me to wonder if it would be weird to realize that other people were EXACTLY the same coloring as you. And if you'd feel like you're in the matrix or something.

Shipping is already included in the price (if you are in the U.S.A.)

Andrea Bogdan art - Vinyl Sticker Set

Vinyl Sticker Set

(set of three stickers)


Set includes prints of three paintings:
(1) The King's Son
(2) Heard without Permission
(3) Artillery of Forgotten Thoughts,

Each sticker is 3.5" on its long side.

Shipping is already included in the price (if you are in the U.S.A.)

Andrea Bogdan Prints - In A Single Bound

"In A Single Bound"

Signed Giclee Print 8 x 10 inches


"In a Single Bound" is signed giclee print that fits nicely into an 10x8" frame.

This painting is based on a childhood memory of leaping through the neighborhood of my youth. The background is a little reminiscent of the Bronx and Queens areas where I also spent a lot of time in my childhood and teenage years. I wish to thank the Cactus Gallery LA for asking me to make this piece for their special show about funny things we did when we were kids. Although I don't think leaping is particularly funny, it does make me laugh to remember that I did it because I wanted to make sure everybody knew what a very good leaper I was.

Shipping is already included in the price (if you are in the U.S.A.)

Andrea Bogdan Prints - No Pen No Sword

"No Pen, No Sword"

Signed Giclee Print, 9 x 12 inches


This giclee print is on 9 x 12" archival cotton rag paper. This is my usual freestyle, except towards the end I added the Mona Lisa's face (right). I became curious about the muse for the Mona Lisa, and it turned out to be a MAN! A student of da Vinci. So I researched him and found he was also the model for a painting of Sebastian of Gaul. I sure liked how da Vinci painted Sebastian's arms (it seemed they were holding a quill pen), so I put those arms on one figure (left). Then I found a Caravaggio painting of Catherine of Alexandria and her arms were also lovely, so I put those arms on the other person (right). She was holding a sword, but I left the sword out because I only cared about the arms. Now you know why I named the painting "No Pen, No Sword". After I wired and hung the painting I thought, "dang, I really ought to learn more about art history, just in case somebody asks me about this painting," so I researched the Sebastian and Catherine portraits further and it turns out they were both holding the instruments of their own destruction in their arms. Sebastian was tied to a tree and used by archers for target practice (it wasn't a quill pen in his hand, it was an arrow!), and Catherine had her head chopped off. But... Sebastian miraculously survives all the arrows and gets beat up and left for dead in a gutter. This story about Sebastian was so upsetting that I researched it further and I found a painter named Ludovico Carracci who also painted Sebastian. It seems a bunch of old masters painted Sebastian. Anyway, somewhere in Carracci's portfolio of work, I found another face, which I added (left). And through all this I learned about the Diocletianic Persecution (year 303) which is a whole other story. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE COST if you are in the USA.

Andrea Bogdan Prints - Fashion Week Is Back

"Fashion Week is Back"

Signed Giclee Print 8 x 10 inches


This giclee print is on 8 x 10 on archival cotton rag paper. The Los Angeles Fashion District is right down the street from my studio, and because of that I've met lots of fabulous fashion industry designers and other professionals. One of my favorite times of year is LA Fashion Week, and when the pandemic hit, it all went away. But then, in 2022, IT CAME BACK! HOORAY! And I was so excited, I made a painting about it. I freestyle all my work, so I didn't know in advance that this would be a piece about fashion, but clearly it must be, because of the handbag. And Spring colors. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE COST if you are in the USA.

Andrea Bogdan Prints - Especially In The City

"Especially In The City"

Available in print for 9 x 12 frame