“Andrea Bogdan: Choosing Art” Video by Bri Lopez

Thanks to Brianna Lopez for her great work creating this video about my art. Brianna is a photographer and videographer specializing in photojournalism, lifestyle and music photography as well as video production. She started her company in Philadelphia in 2013 and thankfully relocated to Los Angeles where I met her.

See more videos on Bri Lopez’s blog:

2 thoughts on ““Andrea Bogdan: Choosing Art” Video by Bri Lopez”

  1. Andrea,
    This is Jenny Johns (Jennifer Fowler) and I so often think of you and looks like I found you! You look terrific, exactly the same as HS, and use your hands while you talk! Would love to catch up.

    I am watching your video and I remember your grandma!

    1. Hey Jenny!
      So glad to connect with you in this way. Ha ha, yes, all I need is a red bandana to twist up and I’ll have the complete look! Bri did such an amazing job with this video. I’m glad you saw it!

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