Against The Law

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“Against the Law” by Andrea Bogdan – Acrylic, Pencil and Oil Pastel on Wood –
27 1/2″ x 13 3/8″ x 1″ – Inventory #130

Some things seem to be completely against the laws of nature, and when that happens it can be very unsettling to those looking on. I painted this piece for Cactus Gallery’s “Over the Moon and Under the Stars” show which featured 13 female artists whose work revolved around notions of the moon or the stars. I decided to provide the astrological profiles with my pieces. But after completing the work, I realized I had not a clue how to determine what “sign” my characters were, so I turned them over to my friend, artist and astrologist Liz Huston to figure that part out.

In looking at the colors, shapes and after hearing the general story about the painting, Liz identified the sun, moon and ascendant signs for the main characters in the series. I researched what those meant, and here’s the resulting astrological profile for this piece:

Character on the left: Sun in Sagittarius means this one is open-minded, friendly and honest with a never-ending search for truth and wisdom. Moon in Aquarius means the inner personality feels secure in dealing with groups of people, especially in endeavors that benefit the majority. Pisces Rising is related to serving others in this life – it is a must – but these individuals must learn not to be taken advantage of.
Character on the right: Sun in Capricorn means this one is conservative, traditional and serious, striving for security and holding fast to duty and responsibility.

This painting appeared in the Cactus Gallery “Over The Moon Under The Stars” show.

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  1. Hi, Andrea, Your paintings connect to us emotionally at different level and it changes at different moments. I’m interested in “Against the Law”. Would u contact me at my email. Thank u.

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