My studio is in a very “public” area – the Mezzanine level of the Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles, also known as the Spring Arts Collective. Over the years I’ve answered thousands of questions from visitors, and here are the TOP TEN:

1) Can I buy your art online? Do you deliver or ship?

Yes, just contact me directly here.

2) May I come in your studio?

Yes! Welcome to my studio! Please don’t worry about “interrupting” me. This is how I make a living, so your presence is as golden as the piece of art I’m working on.

3) Is this ALL your art?

Yes! Artists who want to sell their work on our floor should contact Dove Biscuit Studio or FOLD Gallery because I don’t currently sell other people’s works from my space.

4) How long have you been here?

Since 2012. In fact, all the artists on this floor are the original tenants, since 2012.

5) How long have you been an artist?

I knew I was an artist at a very young age, but I didn’t take fine art seriously until I got my studio in 2012.

6) Why did you decide to get a studio? (usually combined with “it’s my dream to have a studio” or “what a luxury”):

A series of events shaped my decision. I survived an auto collision that destroyed my car (I was mostly unharmed). The insurance was enough to pay off the car, but not replace it, and I began driving my husband’s truck to work. This left me with a little “extra” money every month. I started to pay more attention to how I spent my days because I was working very long hours at my job. So, I took a week off work and went to a workshop with a self-taught painter named Jesse Reno. That same week my 22-year old, very creative cousin died of a heroin overdose. And that’s when I decided to use the budget from my car payments and invest it into a studio, and that’s when I started to ween myself off my addiction to my job.

7) How much do you pay for your studio?

Ha ha, can you believe how many people ask me this? There are some people who think the government pays for my studio. The paycheck from my old job used to subsidize my studio rent, and I’m proud to say that since January 2017 my art sales have kept me in this space. Thank you, collectors!

8) What’s this style called?

I call it “freestyle”. It’s unconventional, improvised and spontaneous, similar to “abstract expressionism” is, but absent the social commentary of that time.

9) How long does it take you to make a painting?

I have one painting that took 6 years and another that took three days. It just depends. Most artists will tell you there’s a lifetime in every painting, and that’s absolutely true. My paintings have a little bit of Detroit, Dallas, Prague, Vienna, Bridgeport, the Berkshires, LA … sad times and happy times. I don’t consider any painting officially “done” until I name it, and sometimes that can take a few weeks.

10) Do you do commissions?

Yes, I paint situations and people’s personalities. Tell me what size canvas you prefer and a little bit about the story or person, and I’ll send you a quote. You pay 50% in advance and 50% upon completion. The painting will take 3-6 weeks and I essentially get to paint whatever I want. This is not for the weak of heart, but it’s really fun. I also do shoes, handbags, and helmets, but you need to drop those off or ship them to my studio.

Bonus question:

What kind of drugs are you on?

This only comes up during Art Walk because there are a lot of young people who come by who have never been in an art studio or art gallery before. The answer is zero. My studio is in a neighborhood where there are probably a lot of people who take drugs just to act normal, but don’t let that stop you from visiting.